The French TV subscription VOD service of CANAL+ Group

Winter 2015

Canalplay provides access to thousands of programs from your phone, tablet, computer or on your TV.

This last support and my previous experience with the CANAL+ box - called "Cube S" - gave me the opportunity to develop the entire HTML5 application.

My role

Very large catalog, recommended content and intuitive UX were the 3 pillars of this initial concept to cater public demand.

I spent most of my time to perfect the infinite and scrollable mosaic contents dealing with the performance of the Cube S processor. I remain full of different techniques to achieve the best possible result. This means thinking outside the box! (sorry)

Backbone and Require were used to optimize as much as possible the number of downloads.


Canal+ team

  • Lucas Serralta - Director
  • Charline Robbe - Project Manager
  • Romain Derrien - Designer